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Our expertise

Cloud and DevOps

With DevOps you can increase efficiency of software deployment moreand development and reduce implementation time.  You can also increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations, which will prove very valuable in the long term.  Through DevOps the reliability of your software is increased.  DevOps allows you to implement software changes faster and therefore reduces risk.  The Cloud is essential in today’s environment, and in today’s market integration with DevOps delivers a competitive advantage.

IT Consulting

We can provide consulting services that generate additional insights morefor your decision making. Whether building software or bringing products to market, one must understand people, what their motivations are - what makes them tick.  Be it product design, or a technical feasibility study or security, we can provide valuable advice that will move your business forward.

App Development

Developing your mobile strategy will bring value to your business. moreWith our experience we can help you create your app on apple or android platforms.

Software Development

Whatever the task, we are ready to provide the solution that is right for you. moreOur programmers have over 10 years’ experience in software development.  We can help with creating and realising new software, and also by updating or retiring old systems. We are here for you through every stage, from conceptualisation to the provision of post-delivery support services.

Big Data and Analytics

Making big data simple to understand provides insights that allow moreto you make better decisions faster.  Big data can also give you a competitive advantage through a better understanding of your business.  AI and machine learning works by applying big data, which in turn leads to increases in productivity and reductions in development costs.

QA & Software Testing

QA and software testing prevents problems developing.  It saves money moreand gives users an enjoyable experience.  We can help by providing quality assurance services and also delivering products that conform to industry standards.  When we develop a product, we ensure that we follow industry standards throughout the whole process.

Internet of Things

Utilising cloud platforms and big data through IoT can provide businesses moreand government organisations a better user experience, reduce costs and create opportunities that were previously considered impossible.

Team Extension

If you need to expand your IT team for a particular project we can help. moreWe can provide the extra staff required so that you can complete you project quickly and efficiently.


Increase Your Team

We Help You Grow Your Company

Adorabilis can materially enhance your existing IT resources, or instantly create them when you have none. If you are a small business that can’t afford a permanent IT resource, this is the perfect solution. If you already have IT resources but they are fully deployed to core requirements, and you need an interim solution, we are able to provide it at an affordable cost.

Realise An Idea

Create Your Product

Adorabilis can help your business open new windows to realise the opportunities that you have identified for future growth. We overcome budget constraints by enabling you to test more ideas than you ever thought possible, because of the value we bring to the table. Given our experience with such projects we can assist you to bring yours to fruition.

Outsource a Service

Scale Up with Us

Adorabilis staff have years of experience in outsourcing IT services and can turn this experience to your benefit. Outsourcing certain IT functions provides access to skills that are comparable to those of large firms, keeping these costs variable and controllable, whilst allowing you to allocate more capital to your core competencies. We have never had an issue with security protocols, which are protected by contracting and our overview / leverage.

About us

Adorabilis is a boutique digital solutions partner headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and with an office in Kyiv, Ukraine. We create value for businesses through software development, QA and consulting services by offering a competitive advantage that can help take your business to the next level.

How we can create value for your business:

  1. Our team is great value. Put simply, your development costs will fall partnering with us. Our experienced staff are on the ground where the job is getting done. They give you the confidence that comes through monitoring, follow-up and delivery.
  2. If you need to temporarily increase the size of your team we can connect and become an extra resource for you. We can fill the gap that may be missing.
  3. We can help you achieve the digital projects and goals that will transform your company. You can develop your projects with us while your regular IT staff manage day to day operations. You will be able to implement new ideas faster, cheaper, smoother.


Chief Executive Officer

Lubomyr Lawriwsky

An Australian who has originated a number of companies, Lubomyr has been the CEO of Leopold ... more

Chief Operating Officer

Tymofii Shushara

Tymofii Shushara has 5 years’ experience as the Chief Operating Officer of Leopold Publishing and has overseen ... more

Chief Technical Officer

Oleksiy Kruts

Oleksiy Kruts has more than 18 years’ experience in IT and 12 as a technical manager, delivery/project ... more

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